How many bedrooms and is bedding and linen provided?

Bluegates has two bedrooms. The master bedroom has a queen size bed and the second bedroom has a double bed, but the second bedroom is currently unavailable.

We provide bedding, linen, towels and soap

Do we have to get our own groceries and if so where can we do this?

You have to provide your own groceries. We suggest that you stock up at either or both of the two supermarkets that operate in Currie. Typically, you'd pick up your car from the airport, drive to Currie, buy whatever you need from the supermarkets and then drive on out to Bluegates

Is the water safe to drink?

Bluegates' water is collected from the roof and stored in closed rainwater tanks.

The prevailing winds at Bluegates blow over the ocean from the West. They travel halfway around the world over blue water before hitting us so the rainwater falling at Bluegates is likely to be amongst the purest in the world.

The water at bluegates has no added chlorine or flouride. In fact it has not gone through any of the chemical and mechanical processes that town water supplies are subjected to. However, if tank water concerns you, please follow the advice on this Tasmanian Government web site

Is there mobile phone reception at Bluegates?

Telstra's NextG is the only mobile phone service on King Island and we get quite good reception at Bluegates. Reception does vary around the property with the best being available near the deck area, or at the large round table in the living area

What if I need to make an emergency phone call?

Bluegates doesn't have a landline... So unless you have a mobile phone (specifically a mobile with a Telstra Service) you will not be able to "phone out"

So please make certain that you have a (Telstra based) mobile phone with you

More details on Mobile phone coverage and mobile rental options can be found on "King Island FAQ's"

What about Broadband Internet?

If you have a Telstra NextG enabled iPad, or laptop you'll find that the wireless broadband is quite good. We routinely use the internet when we stay at Bluegates. Again, the best reception is at or near the large round table in the living area

The speed is good (i.e. as per any wireless service), but of course it isn't as fast as cable or ADSL

Is Wifi available at Bluegates?

We do not provide Wifi, but since NextG reception is available you can always create your own local wifi hotspot if you bring a hotspot device.

What do we do if there is no power?

Power sometimes goes off at King Island, especially after a big storm (trees come down on power lines). The power generally comes back on within an hour. It is always wise to call the local energy supplier Aurora to check on power conditions. Sometimes the problem can be relatively local to the Bluegates area and Aurora may not be aware of it until you tell them.

Aurora's number is 6462 1292

When there is no power, the water pump does not work.. and as a consequence no water will flow from the taps.

What do we do if there is no water?

If the power is out, you'll just have to wait until it comes back on. The water pump should automatically restart. If you are in urgent need of water, the small tank near the bedroom has a tap that you can use to fill a container

If the power is on, then the water pump has probably turned itself off (this generally happens overnight when taps are left dripping) or has got into a confused state... The solution is to go to the pump and switch it off at its powerpoint (located outside of the meter box, on the right hand side), wait 30 seconds and turn it back on... This will clear most problems.

Does Bluegates have a Spa?

Bluegates Spa is not working

Is there a BBQ at Bluegates?

No. During the summer months King Island generally has a ban on outside fires, which makes a BBQ a difficult proposition. A portable BBQ might be the way to go, but we really don't have any place to store it.

What should I do if I see a snake?

Leave it alone.. Snakes can be found throughout Australia, although you are less likely to see one if you live in a city (but they are there).

For a detailed expert opinion on what to do check out the following article
"Living with Snakes" written by the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE)